Lady Styling Porto | Inter-Av

Niveau (Level) : Advanced, Intermediate
Jour (Day) : monday
Heure (Time) : 18:50 - 19:50
Période (Period) : 29/4/2019 - 24/6/2019
Prof(s) (Teachers) : Corinne
Prix (Price) : CHF 180 / CHF 160

In 2015 Corrine launched her choreography project: Ladies Lead, a lady styling choreography performed by numerous girls on stage. In order to prepare the third Ladies Lead choreography, she is offering a preparatory class on Monday 19h.

The choreography class is an amazing experience which allows you to progress immensely in a short period of time but there are a certain dance level and professionalism required, which you can achieve through the preparatory classes.
In a choreography class the regular attendance, team spirit, hard work, and perseverance are essential values. You will work not only on your dance technique, elegance, and energy but also on your stage presence, dance attitude, self-confidence, etc.
The final goal is to dance the Ladies Lead choreography at various events, experience the adrenaline of dancing on stage and the joy of sharing a great adventure.

Here is a short video of one of the Ladies Lead practice sessions from 2016. The new choreography is currently being prepared and you will soon see the final result:

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